ATX and BTX PSU-connectors identical ?

Started by Solstice, Oct 07, 2012, 01:39

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I was surprised to see that there seems to be no difference between the two standards.



Is that true ? Do BTX-computers simply use ATX-PSUs ? Can I just replace my old BTX-PSU with a new ATX-PSU ?

And if they are indeed identical, someone should copy the much nicer ATX-graphics and description into the BTX-page (I would do it myself, if I knew they were identical). Additionally, the clarifying remark that (ATX = BTX) when it comes to PSUs should be added.


as far i know atx and btx dont have any differences with the power supply. btx cases are just build upside down so that is the air circulation much better. you sould be able to use any atx motherboard, powersupply and cables for atx cases. the only thing you may need is a littlebit longer cables because of the different design


ps: looked up at wikipedia:
QuoteHowever, all connectors are compatible, including power supplies, PCI cards, processors, RAM, hard drives, etc.

i was right you can use your psu without problems


So only the cases and the motherboards are BTX-specific.

You cannot put an ATX-board into a BTX-case, by the way, they are completely different.
They're not built upside-down either, but rather "leftside-right."
Here's an example:

I bought my first BTX-system three years ago, and now I never want to go back to ATX. The BTX-build-quality is so much better, the drives are so easy to swap out and the cooling is way superior, with all PCI(e)-cards having their chips facing up instead of down. There's no CPU-fan, either, just a case fan, which cools the CPU, too. The CPU-cooler is oversized and weighs some 700g, resulting in excellent cooling - the system is unhearable even on hot summer days and under full load.