Samsung YH-J70 usb cable wire pinouts help needed

Started by technika2009, Nov 17, 2012, 23:11

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Hi hopefully i can get some help with rebuilding my usb cable for a YH-J70.

Ive currently spend about 2 weeks searching the net trying to find a good enough picture of the wires showing on the usb lead so that i could try and correctly follow the pinouts guide from the picture shown below .

As you can see there is 18 pins on the pinout guide i was given and only 4 wires on my usb lead lol (i cant figure out the pins that are ment to be bridged )

No matter how many times i try the pc either says theres been a malfunction or the mp3 player doesnt detect the lead at all (prob due to wrong wires in wrong place? )

does anybody own a YH-J70 usb lead that they are willing to post the working pinout details for me to follow or somebody that is willing to explain how to build the lead from the pinout list on the pic ?