Macintosh video output (DB15) to Macintosh monitor (HD15)

Started by Mr Wolf, Dec 14, 2012, 13:37

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Mr Wolf

I own an "Apple Macintosh LC 630" computer and an "Apple Multiple Scan 15 Display" (model number: M2978), but I cannot find the cable to connect them to each other.
So, I have to build an exact replica of the original Apple cable.

In other words:
- the ending to be connected to the Macintosh computer must be a 15-pin D-SUB male connector (see );

- the ending to be connected to the Apple monitor must be a 15-pin high-density D-SUB male connector.

Here it is described how to connect an Apple monitor to a *standard* VGA ( ) and a *standard* monitor to a Macintosh computer ( ). What I need is connecting an *Apple* monitor to a *Macintosh* computer.
So, what pin connection scheme should I use?

Thank you in advance.

Mr Wolf

Finally I managed to build a working cable as described in the "Macintosh LC to VGA" section here:

So, my monitor turned out to be nothing more than a "standard" VGA one.