Converting PS/2 Mouse to USb

Started by emb8, Nov 26, 2012, 20:16

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   The track pad on my laptop doesnt work properly and it costs way too much to repair, so the best option is to use an external mouse. The one i am using now is a wireless mouse that uses AA batteries. I don't want to waste money on batteries so I want to use a corded mouse. (I know batteries or a new corded mouse arent that expensive, but I like to do things on my own using what I have if I can, and save few bucks while doing it.)
    I took a PS/2 mouse, cut off the end, and stripped the wires. then I stripped one end of USB cable and connected the wires following the diagram i found on this site- . when I plugged the USB into my computer the optical red light turned on so i know there was power coming to the mouse, but there was no data signal, the mouse didnt do anthing.
     Does anyone know why this happened? Is there a solution?

  Thank You for reading


No, there's no solution. "It works only with device which supports both interfaces (USB & PS/2)."