APC 940-0273A?

Started by tlhackque, Mar 21, 2014, 16:30

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Looking for pinout/wiring of the APC 940-0273A RJ(45?50?) to USB cable used in some SmartUPS units.

Does anyone have this?

(APC = American Power Conversion, a Schneider Electric brand; UPS = Uninterruptible Power Supply == computer battery backup)

Many thanks.


Thanks, but I already found that.  It says:

APC part# 940-0127B, 940-127C and 940-0127E

APC says I need a 940-0273A.  Whether that has the same pinout for USB as the 0127 cables is unknown.

I believe that they multiplex a serial (rs232-e) port on the RJ end, so there's no guarantee that the USB wires come from the same pins on that end.  (Obviously, the USB end is standardized.)