Android watch clone, manufacture unknown, needs cable info

Started by Valkyrie, Mar 16, 2015, 07:11

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I work in a general store (we'll leave it at that) in a small town, and the other night one of our regular customers came in with her son in the hopes of finding a charge cable for a Droid watch someone had given him. Unfortunately, they didn't give him a cable for it. When I asked to see the watch, he showed it to me and I began going through the ones we have to see if there were any that were compatible sized. There is no maker mark on the back or the bezel, as you can see from this one picture, so I couldn't tell for sure exactly what it was I was looking at or for, but I noticed rather fast that no chargers we carry would fit it.

This kid's family are good people, working hard and trying to make ends meet in a town that is feeling the hit from the oil prices tanking like they did, and he doesn't often see odd tech like this. I actually think he'd be the first kid in his school with one, putting him above even the old money kids. He's just like his parents, a bit of spunk but good-natured, and I want to try and help with both identification and getting him the right cable for it.

I apologize for the crappy pic, I have hand tremors that make getting good shots with my phone's camera difficult, but I assure you it IS better than normal. The port at first glance appears to be a Droid type, it's rather flat, but it's a bit longer than a standard micro jack. If needed, I can also post another slightly fuzzy picture of that. If I can get my phone to regurgitate it.