Samsung sph-a620..need to know what type of conector this is

Started by Neversleeps, Jul 26, 2006, 09:31

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ok I dotn have a camera able to get in on it But i have seen it in other cell phones to.

my phone has 2 of these in it.  one conects the main board to the other LCd board.

the other one is just like it only smaller and it conects the little camera to the main board.

Its basicaly a flat rectangle with that pops together kind of like a lid on a storage tub(sorry im very new at the stuff)

dont know where i would look to find this out just need to know what the conector is called then i might be able to find more about it.

hope this gets me started.  Ill try to get a camera shot of it soon as i can borrow someones camera. but maybe someone knows what im trying to point out.

lets see if this helps any  the camera is what im holding the part on end is the conector.. it "snaps onto the other half conected to board.  


Judging by the user manual for the phone, (refer to:

it is most likely the Game Controller (Page 139)

Hope this helps  :wink:
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