USB to DB-9 connection

Started by TitanIV, Jul 31, 2006, 18:56

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I have an USB to DB-9 serial adapter that is not working. Can anyone please tell me the pin connections between each connector so I can ring it out and see if the cable is bad?I have checked for bent pins ect. in the connections. Thanks!


dear friend,

you wouldnt be able to do anything with the pinout sees how most of these connectors fave a chip so small molded into the ends that run of the power from the wirte that you wouldnt see it unless the case was clear. so save your hair and buy a new one , trust me


Thanks. I was hoping it would be easy to troubleshoot, but I was wrong. I would rather speand weeks trying to to fix something than spend the 30 or so dollars to get a new one! I miss the good old days! Well, off to get a new one.


in order to "translate" USB to serial, some electronics is required. Your adapter contains a controller such as those made by FTDI (see their website www . ftdichip . com for more details). Maybe the reason it does not work is that you have the wrong driver installed on your PC ? You may want to check on the adapter's web site for the most recent one to download...
Good luck !


Thanks for the information! I did reinstall the driver and I should have mentioned that in the beginning, my fault. My wife or son yanked it out of the computer with a chair leg, which reminds me to clean up my cabling. I figured a wire has become broke or maybe the internal chip is fried. I was hoping for an easy fix!