v60 charger via USB

Started by roy, Feb 07, 2005, 21:24

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i was thinking of trying to cut the wire for my Motorola v60 charger and put it together with a USB cable to power it from a computer.

USB: http://pinouts.ru/data/USB_pinout.shtml
v60: http://pinouts.ru/data/motorola_v60_pinout.shtml

Since I'm only using the v60 cable for its first three pins (power), would I connect:
v60 pin 1 - usb pin 4
v60 pin 3 - usb pin 1




I'm no expert on the subject yet, but I am an Electronic Tech.  I agree with your connection scheme but u must make sure that your phone never exceeds Draw Max 100 mA at power up and 500 mA normally.  You would need to check this with experimentation or look at the current capacity of printed on your charger.