memory stick to hard drive reader writer

Started by davidmurrayesq, Mar 03, 2006, 01:37

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does anyone know if it's possible to make a cable/device with a dummy sony memory stick on one end and a mini usb to go into a portable hard drive on the other?

i have a usb to card reader so i must be half way there already.

what i'm trying to achive is to plug my portable hard drive into my sony device wich has a memory stick socket on it. i would like to be able to read and write to the hard drive which has a considerably larger capacity than just a memory stick alone.


Hey David, My name is Robert and I saw your post and was wondering since that time have you succeeded in your project. Cause I'm in the same bout about trying to connect a portable laptop hardrive to my memory slot on the PSP. It would be a hell of a lot cheaper and I can take all my movies with me. Let me know if you have found something but if not then I guess we can keep trying.