Breakout cable for Arris VIP5662W

Started by mlam, May 14, 2018, 18:38

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I whant   
Breakout cable  ARRIS VIP5662W Wireless IPTV Receiver. for Bell, TELIUS or other
DIN 10 pins male to 6 RCA  The pinouts for the 10 pin mini-DIN male proprietary
Alternative method for video/audio connections. Offers
analog component, composite, and stereo audio outputs.
page 10 and 11

Thank you



I have done some tries with a vip5602EW/vip5662EW. All arris boxes seem to use the same breakout/breakaway cable.

With a multimeter I have found that the ground pins are 2,4,7 and 9.  Which means all the others are the analog component, composite, and stereo audio outputs


I used some headphones/earbuds that audio exits from 1 and 3.


I have here a cable that my provider supplied for my vip5602EW but I am not sure if it is the same that arris supplies and i only use the left and right sound.
Number 3 is blue component and blue ground is 7. green is 6 and green ground is 4. red component is 1 and...