car stereo pin out QUESTIONS HELP

Started by jessicka1, Nov 01, 2020, 07:47

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 i have 2015 hyundai tucson se i had a friend remove my stock stereo and he put in a  aftermarket but due to summer and him not using connector crimps the tape had loosen up wen i removed stereo  i seen that the wires were cut since we didnt have pinout adapters and were cut to short on both pinout car harness originals so i bout new ones on line and also pinout connectors adapters  MY QUESTION IS DO THE ORIGINAL WIRES FROM CAR ORIGINAL PINOUT PLUG wires MATCH THE SAME EXACT KEY WIRES SPOTS AS the after market wires  if not can u help me with a color code chart for oem wire harness  i have chart for after market harnesses  thanks