Famicom db9 pinouts?

Started by RockmanX, Sep 06, 2006, 07:07

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hello,I'm building a lpt1 adapter to plug some console controller to the pc,I have most of the work done,and I would like to test it with what I have before buying extra stuff. (the idea is to use for a psx pad).
I have famicom pads with db9 female plugs,and I've searched for hours for a diagram of the pinouts or an equivalency between the nes plug and the famicom plug so I can "extrapolate" how to do the wirings,and I found this:
but it shows as if the famicom had a 15 pins plug.
Having the tutorials/diagrams about plugging a snes pad to the lpt1 port and the info on that site about the snes/nes "equivalency",I already
figured out what goes where,I mean "if it was a snes pad I would have to attach pin bla to the db25 pin ble,and since the snes pin bla is the same as the nes pin blo,the nes pin blo goes to the db25 pin ble",but since I don't have a nes (or a snes) controller,I need a diagram of the famicom db9 plug showing what is what in order to solder a male db9 properly.
I have this done:

25 pin D-sub    

and I have enough info to know how to connect a nes or snes pad,(or a famicom 15 pins pad...I confess that surprised me,all the famicoms and famicom pads I ever saw have the db9 plug),but I need the pinouts of the famicom pad that uses the female db9 plug,(or an equivalency table like "nes pin 1 is famicom db9 pin bla" or something like that).

so,I hope I explained right what I mean,any info will be appreciated,thanks in advance!,bye!.


this page may help you www .emulatronia. com/reportajes/directpad/index. htm
here is a simple psx pad to pc by lpt port interface
www .emulatronia. com/reportajes/directpad/psx/index .htm