RGB pinout for Toshiba portable DVD (SP-D2800)

Started by sensibull, Dec 10, 2006, 04:13

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I am stripping the LCD panel out of a Toshiba SP-D2800 portable dvd player for use in a DIY projector. I can incorporate the player part into the build, but I would much rather do a VGA mod (akin to the psone screen VGA mod, for those familiar) that would allow me to interface the LCD with my HTPC.

I have tracked down a spec .pdf that has RGB pinout information but it make very little sense to me. There are 3 separate little cables that connect the player to the screen inverter/controller (I believe they're called HIROSE cables). Each appears to have 15 tiny wires, but the RGB pinout info documents 40 "pins."

Can anybody help me make sense of this? I'll post more pics of the pcb board and cables as soon as I can get my digital camera to focus on them correctly, but here's a shot from the .pdf


B, G ,R data is all the color sync signals, or RGB, the real problem is the res of the screen, it's not high def, so the max you could do is connect it to a TV out as it probably can't do anything higher than 640x480 or so, and even that might be pushing it. What you have when you finish will be a mini-TV monitor. Pins 1-4 are the 3.3V power lines and are + BUT I don't know what connects to what, thats for you to figure out. Note the backlight also needs power, look at pin 1, the power supply, so thats probably + but I'm not sure, and I don't know the voltage. Pin 6 on the main connector is probably the sync connector, and pin 38 is the dot clock, which I think determines the pixels. The last two are the ones you'll have the most trouble with, remember, the power has to be exact too. Good luck...


The screen's resolution is actually 800 x 480 -- certainly not high def., but comparable to entry level proejctors. And I'm not really understanding why that limits the connection to a TV-out -- VGA will obviously do 640 x 480 or 800 x 600 (downscaled) just fine and I've read a few instance of people getting cards to output 800 x 480.

Also, since I still have the inverter and original board, I was hoping I could sort of mix and match -- retain original connections for power, but splice in new RGB lines. Basically what escapes me is how to take a typical VGA pinout, which (if I'm not mistaken) has one pin for each R,G, & B and translate that to the 5 pins for each mentioned in the spec sheet. It's possible some of those pins are dedicated to sending the AV-in signal (when used), but that still leaves 3 extra pins.