Benq m300 / 02x1i pinout for a data cable

Started by sanguine, Jul 30, 2007, 00:49

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Im looking at the pinout for this phone
it says it can be used for a data cable, should this cable be built with
a usb cable, if so are any components needed,
I have phone software for this phone, and have purchased a cable which has components on, which I believe adapt the serial connection to usb... not sure though.
this cable doesnt work so I have no choice but to attempt to build one
if I can build this with a usb cable would Tx GND and Rx match up directly
from those pinouts to the usb cable?
The original pinout was contributed by a fella called Anton, anyone know how I
can contact him?
The phone also has a test point, would that need to be connected to enable a connection?
any help would be greatly appreciated
EDIT: This is to build a data cable so that I can take the images off the phone
as my picture messaging no longer works