Sony A-Series Dock (VGP-PRAV1) Pinout?

Started by i.wanna.corndog, Dec 27, 2006, 19:08

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Hey everybody,

I have a port replicator for the Sony Vaio A-Series of notebooks that I picked up at a garage sale and was wondering if there would be any way to hack it to get stuff like the TV tuner or ethernet jack working over USB or other connection. It has a TON of ports, and I was planning on eBaying it when I bought it, but if I can hack it to work with any notebook, I'd love to do so. I haven't taken it apart yet because I am concerned that it will all be proprietary wiring and that nothing will come of taking it apart.

Opinions? I don't know much about port replicators, but I guess the question I'm asking is do these things use an interface that's hard wired to communicate ONLY to this series, or do they use standard (like USB) interfaces?

Here's a link to the dock:

Thanks guys and gals...