Toshiba laptop Hard Drive pinout

Started by 82Tank, Jan 06, 2007, 03:36

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I have a Toshiba model HDD2918 K hard drive that came out of a Gateway Solo 9100 laptop.  I want to turn it into a USB portable drive.  I purchased one of the USB encloseures on eBay.  Unfortunately, the connectors do not match.  The enclosure has a standard IDE connector.  The hard drive has a smaller female 'edge' type connector.  Can anyone:
1. Identify the connector so I know what to ask for, or
2. Give me a pinout and supplier for the male connector so I can make an adapter.

If someone thinks they might know what this is and sends me an email address I will send a picture.  Can't figure out how to include one here.




You will need a slim/slimline drive to IDE converter.
Google the following:
slimline ide converter -ata


i have a toshiba A200- s25 model, one day it got sudden switch off, when again i switch it ,its not working, shows some boot error and repeat this in every 5 min, so what shoud i do? give me good suggesion, thanxx