standard mini-usb interface used. Almost any standard mini-usb cable will work with this phones.
Pin Name Description
1 VCC +5 VDC
2 D- Data -
3 D+ Data +
4   n/c or connected to GND (may be via resistor). Used as a cable detection pin.
5 GND Ground

Cable colors:

Pin Name Cable color Description
1 VCC Red +5 VDC
2 D- White Data -
3 D+ Green Data +
5 GND Black Ground


Charger Cable Pinout:

Pin Name Description
1 VCC +5 VDC
2 D- Shorted to Pin3
3 D+ Shorted to Pin2
4   connected to Pin4 via 200K resistor
5 GND Ground, connected to PinX via 200K resistor
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5 pin Mini-USB type B receptacle connector layout
5 pin Mini-USB type B receptacle connector
at the mobile phone