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CORRECTno me opera el sistema conectado, hay alguna otra manera para saber que se esta conectado bien, lo tengo con un adaptador usb a db9 y el respectivo conexionadoAPPROVED
CORRECTused this pinout for charging an old My C5-2 that i got from an friend.

+ and GND connected to charger and it works!
CORRECTpinout is correct. checked on my e77. good work, PINOUTS.RU!APPROVED
2008-08-19 05:22:23rev. 1CORRECTpins 10, 11 should NOT BE shorted to enable headsetAPPROVED
2008-11-09 00:22:28rev. 1CORRECTAPPROVED
2013-09-08 09:47:51rev. 1CORRECTAPPROVED

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2018-02-07 18:32:47rev. 2ppwo

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