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16 (8+8) pin Car Stereo ISO  connector layout
Разъем 16 (8+8) pin Car Stereo ISO


Description Cable color
(may be non-standard!)
B1   Rear Right +   Rear Right Speaker
B2   Rear Right - Purple-Black
B3   Front right+   Front Right Speaker
B4   Front right- Grey-Black
B5   Front Left+   Front Left Speaker
B6   Front Left- White-Black
B7   Rear Left+   Rear Left Speaker
B8   Rear Left- Green-Black
A4   Battery+   12v Yellow
A5   Antenna power   Auto Antenna Out Blue-white
A7   ACC+   Ignition Key Red
A8   Ground    Black


Maxtek Deckless Bluetooth Car Stereo model 62207

Denver CAD-510, CAT-131, CUT-301, CAD-473, CAD-471, CAU-415

Roadstar Car Stereo CD-810BT, CD-853USMP/FM, CD-900USMPNC, RU-280BT, RU-260RC, RU-200PLL.

Trevi MDV 6120

Inphase IPS 720i

and many others

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