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6 pin mini-DIN female (PS/2 STYLE) connector layout
Разъем 6 pin mini-DIN female (PS/2 STYLE)
Fortuna GPS Receiver PS/2 style female connector
Pin Pin
1 ? ? (yellow)
2 RX_RS232 GPS Receive; RS232 levels; connect to Palm TxD (brown)
3 GND Ground (black)
4 TX_RS232 GPS Transmit; RS232 levels; connect to Palm RxD (orange)
5 ? ? (green)
6 +5V Vcc GPS power, +5.0 Volt (red)


1. Dual Channel RS-232 compatible level (4800-Default, 9600, 19200, 38400).

2. NMEA 0183 Version 2.0 ASCII output (GPGGA, GPGSV, GPGSA, GPRMC).

3. Real-time Differential Correction input (RTCM SC-104 mess age types 1, 2 and 9)


На распиновку Fortuna GPS Receiver U2 есть 1 отзыв(а): 1 положительных и 0 отрицательных.

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