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This is the pinout of the Nintendo Wii Multi AV connector
Nintendo Wii Pin Pin
1 AL Audio Left
2 AR Audio Right
3 VC Video (Composite)
4 PWR +5v
5 GND Video Composite Ground
6 GND Audio Ground
7 R / Luma / Y Red (PAL), Luma (NTSC), or Analog Component Y
8 Mode Mode select. If shorted with pin 10, pin 7, 9 and 11 will output YPbPr (Analog component)
9 G / Chroma / Pb Green (PAL), Chroma (NTSC), or Analog Component Pb
10 Mode Mode select. If shorted with pin 8, pin 7, 9 and 11 will output YPbPr (Analog component)
11 B / Pr Blue (PAL) or Analog Component Pr
12 GND RGB Ground
13 PWR +12v
14 DATA Data line 1 (Used to change the number of lines)
15 DATA Data line 2 (Used to change from interlaced to progressive)
16 DATA Data line 3 (Used to change from 4:3 to letterbox and 16:9)

The two PWR lines is normally used in scart connectors, to make the TV change channel to AV, and make it go into RGB mode.

If pin 8 and 10 are shorted, the pins 7, 9 and 11 will output Analog Component video (YPbPr) instead of RGB (PAL) or S-Video (NTSC).

The 3 data lines are used on Japanese D-Terminal connectors, and here's how they work:

Data Line 1: 0V = 525 lines (default) ; 2.2V = 750 lines ; 5V = 1125 lines

Data Line 2: 0V = Interlaced ; 5V = Progressive

Data Line 3: 0V = 4:3 ; 2.2V = 4:3 letterbox ; 5V = 16:9.

The data lines do not affect any other regions of the console. The connector does not support any digital video connection, relying exclusively on analog communication.

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