Pinouts of Audio / Video hardware connectors
Used in PA and home speaker connections.

If only a single speaker connection is made, the first two pins are typically used. If a a speaker requires separate amplifiers for low and high frequencies (called bi-amplification,) the low frequencies are usually wired to the first pair, and the high frequencies are wired to the second pair.






Positive 1

This pin carries the signal from amp to the speaker


Negitive 1

This pin carries the negative back to the amplifier (of channel one)


Positive 2

Second positive from amp


Negative 2

Second negative back to amplifier from speaker (of channel 2)


Peavey use 2+ and 2- to connect hi frequency output from bass bin crossover to feed tops, in which case a cross over cable is required.

SpeakOn cable connector

4 pin unspecified connector layout
4 pin unspecified connector
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Is this pinout
Four Pole Neutrik Speakon connector visual pinout:
Four Pole Neutrik Speakon connector diagram
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