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SIMM=Single Inline Memory Module
Pin Name Description
2/CASColumn Address Strobe
3DQ0Data 0
4A0Address 0
5A1Address 1
6DQ1Data 1
7A2Address 2
8A3Address 3
10DQ2Data 2
11A4Address 4
12A5Address 5
13DQ3Data 3
14A6Address 6
15A7Address 7
16DQ4Data 4
17A8Address 8
18A9Address 9
19A10Address 10
20DQ5Data 5
21/WEWrite Enable
23DQ6Data 6
24A11Address 11
25DQ7Data 7
26QPData Parity Out
27/RASRow Address Strobe
28/CASPCAS Parity
29DPData Parity In
30 pin SIMM схематический вид разъема
Разъем 30 pin SIMM
at the computer
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