A parallel port is a type of interface found on computers (personal and otherwise) for connecting peripherals. In computing, a parallel port is a parallel communication physical interface.

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  • Centronics printer One of the most used printer interfaces in the past. Now replaced by IEEE1284-B / USB.
  • ECP Parallel LPT port (IEEE-1284A) This port is found in some old PC computers. ECP = Extended Capabilities port. ECP is an extension of the EPP design.
  • HP printer cable - PC LPT to half-pitch mini-Centronics parallel port cable for printers with mini-centronics connector, like HP Laserjet 1100
  • IEEE1284-B (centronics) printer IEEE1284-B connector (also called Centronics) is widely used in parallel interface printers (except some HP's).
  • IEEE1284-C (HP printer) This interface connector may be found at most newer HP printers equipped with LPT port and some other hardware. Connector is half-pitch Centronics (HPCN36) MDR 36.
  • Parallel port (LPT) Loopback  Used to verify the port is functional.
  • PC parallel LPT port One of the most used printer interfaces (in the past), since every Intel/DOS/Windows based Personal Computer was equipped with D-Sub-25 female connector which was called LPT1

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