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Pin Pin
1 GND Power Ground
2 N.C. No Connection
3 VCC3 VCC3 Power Output
4 N.C. No Connection
5 CTS RS-232 Clear To Send
6 DSR RS-232 Data Set Ready
7 RXD RS-232 Receive Data
8 DCD RS-232 Data Carrier Detect
10 RTS RS-232 Request To Send
11 DTR RS-232 Data Terminal Ready
12 TXD RS-232 Transmit Data
13 RI RS-232 Ring Indicator
14 M_ISET2 Battery Charge Setting 2
15 *Cradle_IND Cradle Inserted
16 C_ADP_IN DC Power from AC Adapter
17 C_ADP_IN DC Power from AC Adapter
18 GND Ground


18 pin unspecified connector layout
18 pin unspecified connector
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Compaq Aero 1500 visual pinout:
Compaq Aero 1500 diagram
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