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Physically the same as 5-pin mini-USB-B, but wired as RS-232 serial connection
left side Pin Pin
1 TXD Transmit Data (RS232C DE-9 pin 3)
2 DTR Data Terminal Ready (RS232C DE-9 pin 4)
3 CTS Clear To Send (RS232C DE-9 pin 8)
4 RXD Receive Data (RS232C DE-9 pin 2)
5 GND System Ground (RS232C DE-9 pin 5)

The standard 25-44301-01 scanner cable has the same connector as mini-USB on the scanner end, and a RS-232C DE-9 connector on the other. To connect the scanner via USB, a separate DB9 to USB adapter 50-16000-386 must be used in combination with this cable.


5 pin Mini-USB type B receptacle connector layout
5 pin Mini-USB type B receptacle connector
at the left side
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Motorola Symbol CS1504 barcode scanner jack visual pinout:
Motorola Symbol CS1504 barcode scanner jack diagram
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