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неизвестный разъем
66 pin intermediate connector (between PSU and other plugs)

Also for Dell Dell T5500 T5400 T7400 T3400 (H875E-00, N875EF-00, NPS-875AB/875BB, H875EF-00, H875P-00, N875E-00) ?

1 A1 GND (Black)
2 A2 +5V (Red)
3 A3 GND (Black)
4 A4 GND (Black)
5 A5 Empty
6 A6 +12V(B) (White)
7 A7 GND (Black)
8 A8 +12V(E) (Blue-Yellow)
9 A9 +12V(A) (Yellow)
10 A10 +12V(A) (Yellow)
11 A11 +12V(C) (Blue-White)
12 B1 GND (Black)
13 B2 +3.3V (Orange)
14 B3 GND (Black)
15 B4 Empty
16 B5 Empty
17 B6 +12V(C) (Blue-White)
18 B7 GND (Black)
19 B8 +12V(E) (Blue-Yellow)
20 B9 +12V(B) (White)
21 B10 +12V(B) (White)
22 B11 +12V(C) (Blue-White)
23 C1 GND (Black)
24 C2 GND (Black)
25 C3 GND (Black)
26 C4 GND (Black)
27 C5 GND (Black)
28 C6 Empty
29 C7 GND (Black)
30 C8 GND (Black)
31 C9 Empty
32 C10 +12V(A) (Yellow)
33 C11 Empty
34 D1 GND (Black)
35 D2 GND (Black)
36 D3 GND (Black)
37 D4 GND (Black)
38 D5 Empty
39 D6 Empty
40 D7 Empty
41 D8 +5V (Red)
42 D9 +5V (Red)
43 D10 +12V(C) (Blue-White)
44 D11 +12V(D) (Yellow-White)
45 E1 GND (Black)
46 E2 GND (Black)
47 E3 GND (Black)
48 E4 GND (Black)
49 E5 +3.3V (Orange)
50 E6 Power Ok is a status signal generated by the power supply to notify the computer that the DC operating voltages are within the ranges required for proper computer operation (+5 VDC when power is Ok) (Gray)
51 E7 Power Supply On (active low). Short this pin to GND to switch power supply ON, disconnect from GND to switch OFF. (Green)
52 E8 +3.3V (Orange)
53 E9 +3.3V (Orange)
54 E10 +5V (Red)
55 E11 +12V(D) (Yellow-White)
56 F1 GND (Black)
57 F2 GND (Black)
58 F3 GND (Black)
59 F4 Empty
60 F5 -12V (Blue)
61 F6 Empty
62 F7 Sensing wire for 3.3V regulation (Brown)
63 F8 +3.3V (Orange)
64 F9 +5 VDC Standby Voltage (max 10mA) 500mA or more typical (Purple)
65 F10 +5V (Red)
66 F11 +12V(D) (Yellow-White)

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