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24 pin Molex 43025-2400 Micro-Fit connector layout
Разъем 24 pin Molex 43025-2400 Micro-Fit
Identical to ATX pinout, but use smaller connector and PSU form-factor is incompatible. HP 379349-001 PS-6241-6HF.


Pin Name   Color Description
1 3.3V   Orange +3.3 VDC
2 3.3V   Orange +3.3 VDC
3 COM   Black Ground
4 5V   Red +5 VDC
5 COM   Black Ground
6 5V   Red +5 VDC
7 COM   Black Ground
8 PWR_OK   Gray Power Ok is a status signal generated by the power supply to notify the computer
9 5VSB   Purple +5 VDC Standby Voltage (max 10mA)
10 12V   Yellow +12 VDC
11 12V   Yellow +12 VDC
12 3.3V   Orange +3.3 VDC
13 3.3V   Orange +3.3 VDC
14 -12V   Blue -12 VDC
15 COM   Black G
16 /PS_ON   Green Power Supply On (active low). Short this pin to GND to switch power supply ON.
17 COM   Black Ground
18 COM   Black Ground
19 COM   Black Ground
20 -5V   White -5 VDC 
21 +5V   Red +5 VDC
22 +5V   Red +5 VDC
23 +5V   Red +5 VDC
24 COM   Black Ground

 /PSON activated by pressing and releasing the power button while the power supply is in standby mode. Activating /PSON connects the power supply's /PSON input to ground, thereby switching the power supply to full-on condition. 


Should be compatible with HP Compaq Small Form Factor PC 375885-999 375963-999 AG139UA AG139UAR AG140UA AG140UAR AG141UA AG141UAR AG142UA AG142UAR AG143AW AG143AWR AG144AW AG144AWR AG145AA AG145AAR AG145UA AG146AW AG146AWR AG282PA AG283PA BB218PA BB227PA BB228PA BB229PA BB230PA BB231PA EA101UC EA102UC EA103UC EA104UC EA104UCR EA151UC EA667UC EA668UC EA724UC EA782UC EB300UA EB300UAR EB301UA EB301UAR EL855US EL856US EL857US EL860US EL863US EL870US EL871US EL884US EL894US EL894USR EL900US EL903US EL909US EL909USR EL910US EL925US EL930US EL931US EL939US EL951US EL966US EL970US EL973US EL997US EL998US EL999US EM011PC EM180UC EM231UC EM300UC EM301UC EM302UC EM303UC EM304UC EM498UC EM584UC EM585UC EM603UC EM731UC EM907UC EM976UC EM977UC EN071UC EN119UA EN121UT EN123UT EN223UT EN223UTR EN224UT EN224UTR EN269UT EN269UTR EN271UT EN271UTR EN273UT EN273UTR EN275UT EN275UTR EN277UT EN277UTR EN279UT EN279UTR EN296UA EN296UAR EN297A EN297UA EN297UAR EN298UA EN298UAR EN299A EN299UA EN300UA EN455UC EN510PA EN511PA EN512PA EN513PA EN514PA EN515PA EN516PA EN517PA EN537PA EN538PA EN539PA EN540PA EN541PA EN620UC EN634UC EN797UC EN826UC EN827UC EN828UC EN841UC EN855PS EN864PS EN881PS EN884PA EN887PA EN888PA EN890PA EN891PA EN892PA EN897PA EN898PA EN912PA EN925PA EN928PA EU349ES EU358ES EU391ES EU401ES EU410ES EU411ES EU423ES EU424ES EU424ESR EU435ES EU439ES EU445ES EU472UC EU480UC EU488UC EU599EC EU609EC EU611EC EU613EC EU735US EU736US EU741US EU750US EU753US RG851ES RG852ES RG856ES RG857ES RH036UC RH231UC RH232UC RH773PC RH782UC RH836UC RJ219PA RJ220PA RJ221PA RJ222PA RJ223PA RJ231PA RJ252PA RJ252PAR RJ260PA RJ267PA RJ268PA RJ291PA RJ337UC RJ340PC RJ420EC RJ434EP RJ445UC RJ448UC RJ846PS RJ846PSR RJ847PS RJ851PS RJ852PS RJ853PS RJ854PS RJ855PS RJ856PS RJ857PS RJ866PS RJ894UC RK070UC RK605UP RK606UP RK614UC RK690US RK693US RK697US RK724US RK725US RK736US RK830US RK855US RK880US RK912US RK912USR RK932US RK980US RL176UC RL189UC RL308UC RL308UCR power supplyes.

На распиновку HP Compaq SFF small ATX Power Supply есть 5 отзыв(а): 4 положительных и 0 отрицательных.

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