Pinouts >  Распиновки разъемов кабелей питания компьютера
Pin Name Color Description AWG
15Vsense RedSense +5 VDC22
23.3Vsense OrangeSense +3.3 VDC22
3res  reserved 
4com BlackGround18
5com BlackGround18
612Vio Yellow+12 VDC (I/O)18
7-12V Blue-12 VDC18
8I2C clk  I2C Clock (optional?)?
9FanC PurpleFan Control22
10PS-OK GreyPoweSupply Ok22
11res  reserved 
125Vsensertn BlackGround Sense +5 VDC22
133.3Vsensertn BlackGround Sense +3.3 VDC22
14res  reserved 
15com BlackGround18
1612Vio Yellow+12 VDC (I/O)18
1712Vio Yellow+12 VDC (I/O)18
18sleep WhiteSleep18
19I2C data  I2C Data (Optional?)?
20FanM BrownFan Monitor22
21PS-on GreenPowerSupply On22
22res  reserved 
22 pin MOLEX 39-29-9222 схематический вид разъема
Разъем 22 pin MOLEX 39-29-9222
at the motherboard

at the cable (MOLEX 39-01-2220)
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