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The Power Macintosh computers provide connection to AudioVision monitors (and other monitors when used with an adapter cable) by means of an AudioVision HDI-45 monitor socket on their back panels.
Pin Name
1Analog audio ground
2Audio input shield
3Left channel audio input
4Right channel audio input
5Left channel audio output
6Right channel audio output
8Monitor ID sense line 1
9Monitor ID sense line 2
10Green ground (shield)
11Green video output (75 )
12Video input power ground
13Power for camera +5 V
18Monitor ID sense line 3
19S-video input shield
20S-video input luminance (Y)
21S-video input chroma (C)
26Red ground (shield)
27Red video output (75 )
28I2C data signal
29I2C clock signal
31Monitor ID
32Monitor ID
33Vertical sync signal
34Composite sync signal
35ADB power +5 V
36ADB ground
37ADB data
38Keyboard switch
41Monitor ID
42Horizontal sync signal
43Video sync ground
44Blue ground (shield)
45Blue video output (75 )
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Apple AudioVision visual pinout:
Apple AudioVision diagram
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Source(s) of this and additional information: Apple Tech Info Library 14703: Power Macintosh Pinouts at Apple TIL homepageApple Te, from Hardware Book
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