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7 pin mini-DIN female connector layout
Разъем 7 pin mini-DIN female
connector widely used on ATI and other graphics cards. Carrys s-video and composite signals.
Pin Name Description
1 GND Ground (Y)
2 GND Ground (C)
3 Y Intensity (Luminance)
4 C Color (Chrominance)
5 VGND Composite Ground
6 - -
7 V Composite Video
Some sources report that pin 6 is Composite video, pin 7 - composite ground.

Generally the first four pins on those 7-pin connectors on the same places as the standard four pin S-video connector have practically always the same fuctionality as those pins in S-video connector.

9800 used 7-pin connector, with s-video normal, composite signal on top-center and composite ground on S-video luminance ground.

X1050 and X1950 use 9-pin connector in card and 7, 8 or 9 pin connector on adapters (bottom 2 pins are unused at least on composite and component video adapters) S-video is normal, Composite is same as 9800 but composite ground is also connected to the connector shield.

YPbPr component adapter uses all 4 middle-row pins and connector shield for ground (all connected together in adapter), Y signal is top-left, Pb signal is top-center and Pr signal is top-right.

Pin Name Description
1 GND Ground (Y)
2 GND Ground (C)
3 Y Component: to green RCA
4 Pr/Cr Component: to red RCA
5 GND Ground
6 GND Ground
7 Pb/Cb Component: to blue RCA

In X1650 pin 2 must be left open and other middle-row pins and connector shield must be connected to ground. Signal pins are like in table above.

4 pin mini-DIN female connector layout
Разъем 4 pin mini-DIN female
На распиновку ATI Radeon 7 pin SVID/OUT connector есть 19 отзыв(а): 15 положительных и 2 отрицательных.

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