Sony PlayStation 3 controllers

Started by aegrotatio, Oct 07, 2011, 00:39

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Something is funny about Sony PlayStation 3 controllers which are mini-USB.  I cannot get them to charge except when connected to the console.

Any information on the Sony PS3 controllers?  Thanks.


It may be your USB lead as my PS3 controllers charge off my laptop and also a USB HUB. Its a belkin lead and a SIXAXIS wireless controllers.


Yes, I forgot to mention that they do charge when plugged into a computer or a USB hub (or a PS3 naturally).  They do not charge when plugged into a USB charger like what comes with a cell phone.  There's something special about a computer or USB hub that "tells" the controller to start charging itself and I want to know what that is.


I am also experiencing this one.:(


I gave up and procured a charger stand.  It is the "Energizer" charger from pdp dotcom.  I don't know what special thing it does to make the PS3 controllers accept a charge but it does work.