KORG synthesizer FDD help needed

Started by BusyBass, Feb 03, 2007, 17:51

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hi everybody i to had the same problem but i could resolve it with the help of a local electronic service shop. they changed n364 's 26 pi to standard36 pin floppy drive. i spent only Rs 1500 for it


It is the easiest solution, but I don't have the pinouts of 26pin connector... If you have them sreejnv please post for the rest of us.
Rs stands for rupee? India is a little too far for me to come and repair my N364 at your local shop, so the pinouts would be great :) Thanks  ;)


Quote from: sreejnv on Jun 29, 2008, 17:24they changed n364 's 26 pi to standard36 pin floppy drive. i spent only Rs 1500 for it

Ehmmm ...how to change from 26 pins to 36 pins :D ?


I've found pinouts for the Floppy controler but not for the connector itself. Will post if I do something with it. Also I've tried deepfreezing the belt of the floppy motor and made a progress - I don't get the "Drive not ready" error anymore... Now it's "Data error" :) :)

P.S. Asking if anyone has the N364 Service Manual would be obsolete? :)


Hi zoroklick,
I have found this:
h t t p : //tinyurl.com/67983y

See the Laptop diskdrive (26pin) to 34 pin MSX drive connector section.

I have readed on the net that this scheme works with the old korg keyboards with FDD 26 pins.
If you want: try it and post the result ;D

Sorry for my english


Sorry I was on vacation...
I've found a workaround to our problem. Basically there's a way to upload files directly from the computer to N364 via MIDI cable/interface.
I've found software for X3 keyboard on the Yahoo Group "korg-x3" which works well with N364 and converts *.pcg to SysEx file (*.syx). Then, you'll need some MIDI software that's able to send SysEx to the N364 - MIDIOx is recommended but it didn't work for me so I'm using MidiQuest. And that's it. Enjoy :)


Hi, zoroklick, can you provide a link to that software you mention? It might be just the thing for my unresponsive N364 floppy drive


Actually there's no direct link to the converter. It can only be found on the Yahoo Group "korg-x3". To obtain it you have to join the group, and wait for the owner to approve your membership (i've waited a week or so). Once you've gained membership, go to the files section, then to the Support folder and download the X3File2Sysex.jar file. That's the converter.
Group's address is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/korg-x3/

As for the other programs, you can get:

MIDIOX at http://www.midiox.com/
MidiQuest at http://www.squest.com/


Thanks, zoroclick. I'll check it out.


Hi, zoroclick. I tried the forum and downloaded the .zip file - but no X3File2Sysex.jar appears after unzipping. Can you help?


Ok, I just saw the readme file "add a .jar extension" tip. It seems to be working now. Thanks. :-)



 I need original Factory loded Floppy data to reload the existing empty program Banks A,B and combinatiom Banks A and B Please help me to down load the original data as above


I sell a floppy disk drive belt that fits the Korg X3, Korg X2, and Korg i4s keyboards.

It might also fit other keyboards in this series. These units have a 26-pin floppy drive cable.
The price is $11.95 (USD) which includes free international shipping.

You can order this belt through PayPal from the following page:

Richard Diemer