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Started by BusyBass, Feb 03, 2007, 17:51

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As a musician among several other instruments I own two Korg i5S interactive keyboard workstations. I can use the normal playing mode on the keyboard except for the floppy functions and its capabilities are now limited.The floppy drive in both of them doesn't function normally and it is impossible to read the data from the floppy to the keyboard: midi files, BSQ files, any kind of data. The message on the screen says: cannot read disk.
The authorised KORG dealer in Croatia where I live doesn't haver the will to do anything about it, so I took the unit to another service where they told me the problem is only the rubber belt that rotates the floppy. Since this is such a specific part, they couldn't find any replacement. Maybe somebody could direct me where to find this kind of rubber belt?
After having searched without success the WEB for a replacement floppy drive for my Korg, now I'd like to know if I could connect a standard FDD instead of the original?Would it be possible to know where the corresponding contacts go?

The Korg FDDs have a ribon cable with thin 26 connecting ends (no plugs!) on which it is written: AWM  2896 80C  VW-I  TOTOKU-Y
The ribon cable end fits precisely into a very narrow slot on the motherboard and on the FDD with its other end.

Thanks for any advice,

Here are the details that could be read from the floppy drives.



C6909E1  0369




B5013E1 386


Find a Panasonic parts shop, they should be able to help you.


Yeah,yeah, but all they can do is throw away and replace today's computer parts and when you ask them something like this, they are tired, it's not in their knowledge, go and ask somewhere else....I HAVE tried many of their services in Croatia and that is why I'm asking somebody else for help.  :D


I have exactly the same problem. FDD at my Korg N364 can't read the floppy disk.
Do you have any solution/ideas?
New FDD price is about 260 Euro... so I would like to avoid such spending...
My FDD model is: EME216KR.


pinout floppy disk korg i5s for mudifikation


pinouts FDD 26 pin adpatar FDD34pin

Fernando-El Paso,Texas

 ???I need to replace my N364 Korg FDD ( Floppy Disk Drive) .
It comes with 26 pins Ribbon Cable.
Could somebody tell me where can I Buy an original part or a substitue unit.



hello guys, I`m pedro and have the same problem with my fdd. I don`t know if you solve the problem but... regarding the answer that the man told to busybass I solve the problem.
I`ve opened the korg toke off the fdd and put the rubber in the fridge. The rubber shrinks. You can use a small rubber and try.



Hi all,

I have the same problem with a Korg i4S somebody has resolved this problem?
How I can replace the original 26 pin floppy with a 34 normal PC floppy driver?

Thanks for all
Sorry for my english :(




Hi Everyone,

Im on the modification of converting the 26pins to 34 pins FDD. I need some resources like a circuit diagram of the KORG. In this way i can study the pins of the 26 pins FDD. It will take time for me to match the remaining pins of the 26 pins FDD to the 34 pins FDD if i cannot get some resources.
Lets help each other so everybody is happy.



This can't help you directly, but can be useful for replacing the fdd (floppy disk drive) by hardware emulating it.

HxC Floppy Emulator

They already support the KORG DSS-1 music synth as you can see here

Maybe they can help you about your problem and adding support to your device. Ask on their forums ;)


Here is a link for drive belts.
It might be easier than making a custom interface.

This site seems to be dedicated to getting you the belt you need.

I just don't get why Korg had to go hi-tech for this parts connection. 
They should have at least provided a CD rom writer.


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