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Title: Pinout Help on Asus UX31 NGFF SSD
Post by: Byteman3D on Jul 04, 2020, 20:30
I own an Asus UX31A with a proprietary 12+6 pin NGFF SSD.
My disk controller is broken and the laptop boots from time to time and operates for some minutes then hangs and system no longer recognizes the SSD. Boots to the BIOS. I remove the SSD and re-attach. It boots again to Windows, works for some minutes then the same happens.

SSD works with a sata adapter. so I'm pretty sure problem is the controller.
PC also boots from a USB disk and runs perfectly.

I wish to connect the SSD to the USB ports (by doing some soldering) from inside the ultrabook's case and run the system from the ssd as an external usb drive.

I can connect the disk with a USB adapter directly to the port, but it is risky as the usb jack can disconnect with a little motion and system will immediately crash.

Can anyone help ? Can I do such a connection by directly soldering some wires?