There is more to the pinouts than Fbus and Mbus - it is standard USB NOKIA 2610

Started by robin graves, Feb 10, 2007, 08:36

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robin graves

Hi there:
After searching on the web for a few days, even though all NOKIA 2610 manuals
clearly state that the bottom connector is for " Qualified Service Personnel ONLY" and show a picture of it with a big X ( don't touch ), there is an ordinary USB cable, the CA-45 that connects to the port, so that you can use the free NOKIA 14.8 meg software to upload and download pictures, ringtones, etc. to
and from your computer. There are other software PC programs that do the same thing, using the CA-45 USB cable. The only thing I can find different from standard USB mini-cables, is that the 2600 ( and the 1100, 6030 and 6060 ) end has the corner keys upside down, so that a standard cable will not fit.

at the location:

you list pins as:





In your list of abbreviations, you do not state what

DAI CLK or DSI are,

and it would be helpful to EXACTLY differentiate

Vpp and Vbat+ with respect to Cell Phone connections...

You also list the EASY FLASH CONNECTOR


and do not state what pins are



or what Easy flash cable connector pins are on the OTHER end... ?

Since the bottom connector is standard USB, the SCK/Mbus DSI and DAI CLK   labels are confusing. On your website, you state that this port connects to a
" EASY FLASH CABLE " whatever that is. What is it?

I have searched your website and the web for pins SCK/Mbus, DSI, DAI CLK, etc. and have not found anything.

Could you please state what they are?