convert cable logitech wingman 3d extreme

Started by busdriver, Feb 22, 2007, 17:51

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I have a problem. I have a wingman extrem and a convert cable from gameport to USB.
it works perfectly
I bought a second wingman without the convert cable. Now i want make an USB connector direct on de the cable from the wingman.
I have find out the following:
male wingmansite
game port             USB
pin 1                     1
pin 4                     4
pin 10                   3
pin  14                  2
in the female of the convertcable I found that pin 2 and 7 are connected
now i have 3 lose wires from the joystick.
i tried connect the 3 wires to eachather but it wond work.
XP do not recognise the joystick
has anyone a selution