[iaudio D2] what type of connector is this?

Started by bartgrefte, Jun 07, 2007, 00:53

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i've got an iaudio d2 mp3-player. On this picture you can see the 3 connectors.

left: headphone connector
center: mini-usb for interface with computer and for charging using the usbport on the computer as powersource.
right: this is a tvout/ac-adapter-input combo connector. It can be used as tvout but also can be used to connect a adapter for charching without the need of a computer, just using the AC-plug on your wall.

It's the right connector i'm a bit confused about. On the connector of the adapter there's a usb-logo but that connector is not a mini-usb connector like the center one....

What type of connector is it?

With regards,

Bart Grefte



don't think so, firewire uses different voltages + there's a usblogo on the ac-adapter connector
but it doesn't look like a usb port