Pinout question for Sony Ericsson W810

Started by deka, May 18, 2007, 01:48

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Does anyone know what the following abbreviations mean?


What is the acceptable voltage on Pin 12 (Charge In) ?

Also, does anyone know where I can purchase a cable for Sony Ericsson W810i with all the 12 pins present on the connector ?

I want to access the respective wires to run them to an auxilary audio input, external mic input, and power input.



SP_Ref -> speaker reference (GND for headphones, speakers)
SP_L -> speaker left
SP_R -> speaker right

Nice and simple :)
And about charging, don't try more than 6-7V. The battery has only 4,2V fully loaded, so 5V would sufficient.


Hi Deka, Suspect you and I are up to the same thing. I want to install a docking station for Sony Ericsson W810i cell phone in the car with access to the necessary pin outs on the base so it can charge, run usb to laptop, and audio L and Right to audio deck to avoid using top earphone jack. Please anyone know of source for full pin out connector for SonyEricsson Cell Phone connector or full function docking station for car.
Tks  Aj


Pls introduce myself,
I'm working at R&D department, and now I still try to activate the UART connection of K750i (12pin connector).
It has been explained that SP_REF is reference for speaker (should be connect to Ground).
My question is
1. What happen if I pull up SP_REF to Vcc?
2. How to activate UART connection in K750i (without USB connection)?

If anybody know that, help me pls...

Thanks alot.

Poedjianto R.


You will short circuit VCC to Ground. Regards