Started by andrew840, Jun 27, 2007, 21:32

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I need to knock up a couple of cables for my HTC 9100/i-mate. Thanks to this excellent site I have the pinouts for the headset 2.5mm 4 pole jack

1 (Tip) Left ear  White
2 (Ring 1) Right ear  Red
3 (Ring 2) Mic/switch  Blue. Short this pin to GND to pick up the phone
4 (Sleeve) Ground  Copper

I have very basic experience of soldering. For simplicity sake lets say I wand to create a cable with a 2.5mm jack on one end and a 2.5mm socket on the other. (an extension cable if you like).

What do I need to do?

Thanks in anticipation of help


one male 2.5mm 4pin, one female, and whatever length of wire you need. use stranded 22g wire because it will solder easier and should be the proper gauge.
I have no idea where to get the ends at.

do not forget the solder and soldering iron:)