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Started by Max3, Jul 17, 2007, 09:52

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pinout is absolutely working one, in my case though i did not have pin 21 (TFSC) used at all -empty spot. other then that everything worked great, although, i have seen different color coding from dell.
As of the previous comment, i can say that, i had to make an adapter  20 PIN ATX <--> DELL 24 PIN+ 16PIN connectors and i did not use GREY(-5V) 20 PIN ATX wire at all. Grey wire that was connected to dell mobo did his job well, i.e. when it was shoerted to the ground PS turned on and stayed on just as it supposed to be. Great job keep it up!


my bet,
should be WHITE (-5V) wire not used instead of GREY wire. ::)


Thank you!
Please check the new revision of document, I'm unsure about additions.