NEED HELP: Joining VGA cables (too fix/repair broken cable)

Started by NuTtz, Aug 07, 2005, 09:56

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I have a working VGA cable from a monitor that is not working. I need to use this cable to fix / repair another monitor.

So i went ahead, cut the VGA cables tried to join the two but the one has three more SINGLE wires (red / green/ orange) than the other. All the others have been connected and i can see something on the screen but it seems to be out of sync.

Where do the other 3 go? both cables come from D-Sub15 SVGA monitors... why more wire in the one?

If u need more info? le'me know.

Thanks. Nuttz


I have exactly the same problem. My monitor is a Fujitsu. The cable was damaged so I cout it. Bought a new one and planned to join, but I have an extra cable.  Plus the thick ones are red green blue and red grey blue.

Did you get an answer?