Mini-PCI 1394a Firewire Card strange Pinout

Started by underrated, Aug 24, 2007, 17:28

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Hi :-),

I just bought an extra Mini-PCI Firewire Card to upgrade my old Laptop, but I found, that the pins in the Mini-PCI Firewire Card have other colors than the colors of a standard Firewire Cable,
My question is: Which colors from the Mini-PCI card equals the Colors from a normal Firewire cable? (or how is the Pinout?)

Normal colors from a Firewire cable:
1 White 2 Black 3 Orange 4 Blue 5 Red 6 Green
equals: 1 Power 2 Ground 3TPB- 4 TPB+ 5TPA- 6 TPA+

Colors from the Mini-PCI Card I bought:
1 Blue 2 Green 3 Yellow 4 Orange 5 Red 6 Brown 7 Black
equals: ?????

Here are 2 fotos from the Mini-PCI Card:
and here a Foto from the Firewire Cable:

Thank you in advance,
underrated :)