Started by carlcarol, Nov 13, 2007, 13:49

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After much searching and experimenting with various leads I have located a small source of cables that will work to transfer data from the phone to the pc....NO driver or software is needed (just the cable) for the lobster 575 as this lead has built in circuitry.
The lead was made for another phone but after modification by a local technician, it fits and works perfectly.
Virgin were unable to supply a lead, and their suppliers, Bellwave, would supply me one for a mere 68$ including postage.    ..!!!!

If anyone needs a cable there is a small supply available that I can get modified and then post on, also there is a small supply of replacement batteries if required.

I am NOT running a business and dont want to, but I know what a pain it has been to get a solution, so if I can help a few people that's fine.

Please email me if you would like a lead and/or battery at

and we can go from there.

Turns out there is more to this lead than simply connecting to the right pins on a usb cable (thats what i did initially and it did not work.)


Hi, I guess it was your comment about incorrect 23/24,17,18 pinout. I've got some (non-working) Lobster-575 cables from Polish supplier (apparently produced for unlocking devices) and I opened one finding just the declared pinout inside. Can you be a bit more detailed about your solution as not all people here may have a good chance to get your specimen by post... :-)