Connect PS/2 to RJ11.

Started by mking, Sep 11, 2005, 02:21

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how can I make from a 6-pin mini-din MALE connector through a 6-pin FEMALE mini-din connector a RJ11 MALE connector?

I've got the Haicom 204S GPS receiver which has a 6-pin mini-din connector. But I have got a TOMTOM car-kit for Dell Axim X3/X3i which requires a RJ11 FEMALE.

Now I want to make a cable which I can put on the mini-din MALE connector (So a mini-din FEMALE) of the GPS and on the other side of the same cable I want to have a RJ11 FEMALE connector.

Is this possible to make?
Can I buy it somewhere on the net?
Or could I build one myself?

I don't really know the answer on these questions, so please help me out.

Best regards,