Motorola U.S. i425t Boost mobile phone interface

Started by louis2322, Dec 12, 2007, 01:42

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I recently bought a i425t for boost mobile(prepaid)
one of the reasons why i bought the phone was for the GPS function.
The thing is, Boost wants 10 bucks a month for the navi software for the phone. Sorta not practical since ill use it occasionally with my computer. I am wondering if i have to build a custom interface cable for the phone, since the phone has a NMEA out function in the software for the base program in the phone, or can i use a standard usb-a to mini usb cable with a certain free software
any help would be GREAT!


if you go to they have google maps that i can download on your phone but i don't know if it will work on this phone. there service is free. :)


where do i find free software for the usb drivers on the 1425