4 pin s-video to 6 pin s-video

Started by rmsmarko, Sep 23, 2005, 16:39

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ok, i have a problem with my video card. it's leadtek and it has 6 pin tv out output... but they dont do scart - 6 pin cabels !!!!! wtf?! so, i bought 4 pin connector and 6 pin connector and now i have to put them together... can someone help me with that. i dont know, witch 4 pin pinout goes to 6 pin pinout. http://pinouts.ru/data/leadtek_tvout_pinout.shtml http://www.acl.co.uk/pinouts.htm ok, 1, 2, 3 and 4 are easy, but what i have to do with 5 Composite Ground and 6 Composite Signal ?


You are using 1, 2, 3, and 4, so you already have

1 Y (Luminance) Ground
2 C (Chroma) Ground
3 Y (Luminance)
4 C (Chroma)

The other two pins are

5 Composite Ground
6 Composite Signal

If you are using the first four, you don't need the last two. (you are using S-Video)

If you are using the last two, you don't need the first four. (you are using composite video)

So, you just leave the unused signals disconnected.  If you wanted to have a slightly-more useful cable, you could hook 6 to the center of a yellow RCA plug, and 5 to the shield, then you could use the composite connection with devices that don't have an S-Video connection.


This has to be the single most stupid thing I've ever seen. Not counting any other standardization misstakes, that is.

Why, oh why, make an s-vid mini din that looks exactly like the ps/2?!

Probably $$...

Anyhow... so I thought I'd slaughter an old ps/2 mouse and just hook up an RCA to it. Think again, ofcourse the #5 pin on the ps/2 is not hooked up to a cable  :evil: