Symbol MC17 development cable

Started by Pablo, Feb 10, 2008, 19:15

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I have bought a Symbol (Motorola) MC17 PDA & barcode reader. However, they didn't include a development cable with it, so by now the unit is a brick to me. Then I noticed that the connector pinout was explained in the product reference guide, page A-5, so I decided to build my own cable. It's a plain simple 4 wire USB cable, so I'm pretty sure there's no error with my cable's layout. However, the cable isn't working. The documentation states that the remainder 4 pins of the connector aren't used, but I suspect that some kind of shorting or circuitry is required for these (unused?) pins.

Any clue? I don't to wait for a hole month (at least) for my provider to send me the symbol's development cable!

Here's what the documentation says about the PDA connector:

1 USB_5V +5 VDC
2 USB_P USB Data +
3 USB_N USB Data -
4 GND Ground
5 Pin not used
6 Pin not used
7 Pin not used
8 Pin not used


The USB Data pins are switched (the documentation is wrong).