D-sub to BNC interface

Started by w6df, Oct 09, 2005, 00:25

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I am trying to interface a Viewsonic VP231wb LCD monitor (d-sub) to a Pelco CCTV, BNC output.  What adaptor/interface would I need for mini D-sub(15pin) to analog video CCTV single BNC output?


You have two problems :
1)You must convert a  TV composite signal (BNC output) to an RGB signal ( D-sub input).
2)You have two video signals with two different standards (refresh frequency, number of rows and columns).

They arent very hard problems to resolve.
Isn't a cable problem only.
You need not a converter, but all the LF electronics  of a TV receiver.
It's more simple to connect the signal to a SCART (or S-Video) connector of a TV receiver : in this way you have the same TV standard and an embedded converter from Video-Composite signal  to RGB Video signal.
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